Keeping Your Contacts Current

Our modern world of smartphones and global communication has taken many leaps forward, especially in the field of technology, but we often find that the simplest of concepts end up creating the biggest problems and headaches. One such example is keeping track of your contacts and friends with whom you may have lost touch. You try to give them a call, and find out that their cell phone number has been disconnected. You send them an email but it gets returned as invalid because they switched jobs and now have a new address, except you don’t know it. It takes you hours to hunt them down through a social media platform or connect with a mutual friend to get their new information. In some cases, you may never find them again. This is certainly one of those 1st world problems…Until now.

KeepMyContact smartphone application will end this nuisance once and for all. Helping to connect and synchronize the contact information of an entire network, you’ll never need to update a friend’s phone number, email, or address ever again. If they change a part of their information, it will automatically get synced with the address books of their network, meaning that the headache of starting one of those “Lost my phone, here’s my new number” Facebook groups will finally end.

Anyone who’s spent hours scribbling down all their contacts’ information because they’re getting a new phone knows how frustrating the upkeep of a virtual address book can be. In some ways, things were easier in the old days with paper rolodexes. At least you didn’t have to worry about how dropping your phone in a pool would leave you socially isolated from every single person you knew.

But all major disasters aside, the KeepMyContact app will enable effortless connectivity with the members of your network. This will be especially helpful for professional business contacts. With the quick turnovers of employees at many companies, contact information won’t have to be constantly changed as a friend switches roles within an industry. Instead, they’ll simply log in to their account with a new phone, perhaps update their new email address as well, and every one of their contacts will automatically have their information adjusted. The process is seamless and efficient, helping take the virtual address book to the pinnacle of modern technology.

Another great factor with KeepMyContact is the control users have over who they share their information with. This is not another contact app looking to collect your personal information to sell it to advertisers. KeepMyContact was created so that networks could maintain relationships and connectivity with whomever they want, regardless of where their path takes them in the world.

All in all, KeepMyContact looks poised to revolutionize the way we look at our contact list on smartphones. Instead of duplicate entries and mistaken information, everything will be streamlined for accuracy and kept up to date. The KeepMyContact will be available free of charge and is suitable for iOS and Android smartphones. Once downloaded, you can invite your friends and start building your own network that will be connected with you forever!

KeepMyContact Team

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