Graduation Doesn’t Have to Mean Goodbye

The swirling emotions of graduation can affect even the most hardened and unemotional people, and often brings some to tears. There’s the congratulatory sense of achievement, looking brightly towards a better future; but there’s also inevitably that feeling of loss, knowing that many friends will be going their separate ways, often never to rekindle.

Graduating students may be headed to different high schools, colleges, or graduate programs spread far and wide across the country. Some people may be headed abroad to travel the world or indulge in a foreign culture. Thousands of college graduates are relocated every summer to wherever they could find a job, or they may simply move on for new experiences and the sense of adventure. Losing track of friends this way can be hard, and is often shrugged off as a necessary part of life, which is why graduation can sometimes be so tough.

But losing touch with these friends is not a necessity anymore, it’s your choice. With the newly fashioned KeepMyContact app for the smartphone, you’ll be able to seamlessly keep connected to all your fellow graduates, helping arrange future meetings or reunions. Anyone with the app in a group of people will have their contact information updated automatically every time they make a change, preserving your ability to reach out to a former friend and actually find them.

KeepMyContact App syncs your address book with your network every time you change it. Things like email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and other forms of contact will update automatically across your network. So when someone wants to reach you, all they have to do is enter your name and they’ll have your email or phone number, even if you never informed them of the new information! This way impending graduates need not fear about losing touch with all their great friends.

Periods of life like high school or college are incredibly special, and so are the deep and fulfilling friendships forged in these moments. While graduation in the past may have marked a distinct end to these relationships, today’s graduates will be able to stay connected through KeepMyContact App, paving the way of their futures and enabling them to get in touch for future business relationships, reunions, weddings, or simply to have a chat and reminisce about their school days.

Getting started is easy. On July 9th, 2015 simply download your free KeepMyContact App on your phone (iOS, Android), create your profile, import your existing contacts, and invite your friends to connect. Planning future reunions will be a piece of cake! Give it a try!

Congratulations to all Graduates!

KeepMyContact Team