Web Application

We all know that it’s just easier to manage and make edits with 20” monitor and a full keyboard than on your mobile device. The companion web app allows for easy editing of your contact list and has exclusive features like the ability to export your contacts.


Organize by Groups

How organized do you want to be? You can create as many Groups as you need, and multiple Groups can be assigned to each of your contacts.


Recent Activities

Connected users can see what information a contact has changed and when that update took place. You can even see the last time the KeepMyContact™ member signed in!


Social Media Links

You can add different Social Media links to your profile or your Fan Page. You add only the links that you want your other KeepMyContact™ users to see.



When you see the above icon next to a contact in your KeepMyContact™ app, that means you and that contact are connected together within the app. When you make an update to your contact information, your connected contacts all get the auto-update in their contact list.



You can set up and filter your Contact List any way you like to. There is no limit on how many filters you can apply for easier navigation of your contacts.


Multiple Device Access

You will have access to your contacts on multiple devices including through any internet browser as well as your Google and iOS devices.


Remote Delete

Have you given out your number one too many times? Is someone annoying you and you want them to stop? As long as they are KeepMyContact™ users, you can delete them from your address book and in doing so, remove your own contact from their address book.


Import Contacts

When you set up your KeepMyContact account, you will be prompted to Import Contacts. After the initial set up, if you add any new contacts that are not in your KMC address book, the app will allow you to import the new additions.


Cloud Storage

Your data securely stored and backed up in the cloud.